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That said, in order to keep us all from running around like headless chickens, and in order to deliver some accurate information as to where we're at in terms of progress, I've decided to start up this thread to have a bit of a discussion.

Some will clip into the body during some animations Hair colors were not set up in any particular manner. College girls to fuck. Last edited by vixyy; at Until this version has been out for a bit, it will still be available in the 7. Wow nude mod. I would have to extract a specific file within the exe, do the edit then reinsert the file back into the exe.

Alright, now that that's out of the way, it's time for the main reason for this update. Anything is welcome here! I won't be able to do any edits, thus no custom data. Or in any mixture of sexually provocative conditions. The model is also more "scruffy" than the female; this is intentional Tail and hair textures are mapped to use the neck texture UV maps on facial hair and neck have been redone to account for the modifications made to the neck texture. Intended to give a more defined look than the regular old smooth-face The robe mesh has received a significant alteration as well: If you don't have any experience with any of that, the best thing you can do to help is remain calm, definitely don't panic, and be patient - a solution may come sooner then you think!

Only one ear style will change the bust size, so cycle through them until the boobs grow bigger. Last edited by shearx; at I've personally never used them as I'm so used to the default models and I like them how they are, but I've got friends who've used them often and not all of them are sexually orientated, I've seen model edits ranging from Worgen's faces to make them look less dog-like, High Elf Blood Elf edits to their eye colour, nails, hair, Red and Brown Skin Draenor Orcs, Draenei horns and eye colours to different body proportions Non nude and many simple armour edits such as fixing the clipping and rugged textures of armour.

Originally Posted by Riku. Sexy nude girls playing. Can you delete this. There may still be some outliers, so please keep an eye out. It changes the game files. And regardless of what the other retards in this thread will try to tell you, it is def against blizzard's ToS to use that sort of thing. Naga statue, Alleria statue, Dryad tree, Elune statue -Added armor edits for: Anyway, here we go: So until either Blizzard stops packing their exes in this manner or someone comes up with software that is able to properly extract and repack the newer exes.

Never knew this was a thing, but if the choice is between staring at my BE character's bare! This, of course, had the adverse effect of removing any model changes players had made, NSFW or otherwise. Did you really love the nudie mods for your toon that much? Last edited by One-X; at Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Blizzard isn't known for allowing discussions of this type on their forums. Here are some games with nudity - no mods required!

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Shit will likely not work properly if you do not follow these instructions.

This includes news, reviews, videos, tutorials and editorials among other elements. Skullgirls valentine sexy. Here are some games with nudity - no mods required! Prev 1 2 They're already back and bigger numbers than ever. Over the past few days, and as a result of some slow time at work, I've built a tool to build a customized archive which will contain only the mods and files you desire!

The Smash Brothers of the Wild West. A community that has been around since near the beginning of WoW, full of smart, dedicated people that release small non game changing changes to their characters ala model changes. Last edited by One-X; at I remember hearing about that. But Blizzard's move will take into effect when it comes to modding online games.

Originally Posted by Drasdor. Wow nude mod. Quote below is taken from the last paragraph of the second link at the bottom of this post: I'm not afraid though.

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I would have to extract a specific file within the exe, do the edit then reinsert the file back into the exe. All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. Only one ear style will change the bust size, so cycle through them until the boobs grow bigger. New mature nudes. Blizzard in particular appear to have a penchant for designing characters people want to get it on with, even if the developers seem pretty perturbed by the phenomenon.

Register a new account. Human individuals, elf individuals, bull individuals, werewolf individuals, and much extra. These can be updated fairly easily to match feedback from those who use the mod Intial fix to weighting of all hairstyles. Copy the MPQ file into the Data directory. Sometimes i say stupid things. Blizzard particularly seem to have a penchant for designing characters individuals need to get it on with, even when the builders appear fairly perturbed by the phenomenon.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. In order what I've done is downloaded the foxy and krystal worgen female skin as well as the texture pack, extracted the files from each, dragged the two folders into my world of warcraft folder in programs 86, then when that didnt work I saw I needed a custom exe so I picked up the 64 bit download and attempted it with that and still nothing, then I tried to find like a video or something explaining step by step what to do and I don't know if I'm blind or what but I just can't find anything.

There are two things particularly worth noting.

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