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Hello there Im trying to find nude player models for source if posible a male with a smiling face and some need hot female models please.

So many questions still unanswered but I can just do away with a simple reply of "we broke up. At what point did qubodup even mention censoring it.

Millions of dollars in prize money and tremendous amount of sponsorship opps are at stake. Hd porno big tits. Counter strike nude. Get notified of new submissions like this. I even witnessed myself some girlfriend dragging one of my buds from a game at a cafe because he was out playing all the time. I don't understand why she was doing this if it wasn't for the money. Sign up and maximize your browsing experience.

Please see this thread for more information and to participate in discussion. Over 20 videos of nudity were traced and naturally, it was unacceptable so he posted his story at Reddit to probably warn others who might have the same story:. Valve denies any charges vehemently. At first it seemed like a normal internet nudity thing until he realized that his girlfriend was one of those tossed into the mix of naked women online, as reported by Frag Hero.

Puritanism education was it? Kuro Joined 11y ago. Jimmy johnson naked. Nearby, there's a whiteboard that has written "Manesa is Hobbit's whore! His girlfriend is not materialistic and he sees her healthy bank account, which up to this point he is still wondering WHY she does it. Go masturbate or something, because if you actually want to stare at nude player models in a game, there is something wrong with you.

Maybe it's just immaturity. The strippers were hired to disturb the competitors and they went topless in their attempt to do so. The news even says she hired someone to protect her from further fellow inmate altercations. Did Valve or the developers state why the content was not removed after CS was commercialized? What the hell is going on here?

Community servers have been purged from the sidebar due to dead servers and inappropriate content. Valve entertainment just released two sets of updates for CS: I was wondering about this back in school when I bought the CS 1.

Hoping to get help from my friends. During a Counter Strike tournament in Russia, the company hired professional strippers to distract the gamers who took part in the tournament.

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Watch Sign up to access this! International and the ESL gaming league. Jacqueline kennedy nude pics. I pay for almost everything. Videogames are no longer just a hobby for people.

Counter-Strike, even back then has been linked with sorts of real-life relationship issues, mostly because the gamer is so involved with the game that a significant other will lose all hope of waiting and just call it quits. Since im must be talking with 13 year old mama's virgin boys that laught nervouslessly when someone mentions nudity and with the group of tard buddys say that is not nice and point their finger.

In the mean time, let us thank the game Counter-Strike for letting one gamer know that his girlfriend has been secretly a cam girl by watching an awesome match below, sorry we couldn't post the link the cam girl's profile but you might find clues here.

His exact words are:. Subscribe Sign up to access this! Or maybe a gore mod is so nice with metal music sarcasm? Please see this thread for more information or to request your server be placed here. Counter strike nude. The Last of Us is the best game ever. Finally he left a note that everyone wants to hear, they broke up.

As his story grew to popularity, our Counter-Strike gamer had to post a sort of FAQ entry to answer the questions flooding in his inbox. I couldn't move I was in full body shock. Famous people fully naked. Oh, I also cover videogames. Money, fame, fancy cars and celebrity status awaits anyone who is good enough to make the cut.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Are they really deserving of all the fame and adulation that follows a successful e-sport career?

Seriously she doesn't buy anything and I have seen her bank account. This just shows the level of focus and dedication that these hardened professional gamers posses. Puritanism education was it? Stats 65, Views 43 Posts 10y Submitted 10y Modified. There might be some gamers who will disagree but unanimously they are just better.

Instead of copying one by one? Did the gamer just lack time for his girlfriend? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. And that's that, one relationship that was thankfully broken with the help of Counter-Strike and online friends.

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Don't know what to do or who to tell?

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