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I have a five-year-old and a two-year-old, and tonight it's actually on the schedule, throwing some rocks in a river. I know a lot of people that are bigger than me, and they don't do progressive overload, and they're natural bodybuilders, and they look insane.

It's like, what are you doing? Yeah, you could like bring the dumbbell or the dumbbells or barbell down your chest, press it up, but if you're not feeling it in your chest, you don't just sit there and say work on form, like dude, tuck your elbows, keep your shoulder blades retracted, as you come up focus on pushing your elbows together, not your hands and actually make like the primary work muscle do the work.

But we were out at a Mexican restaurant. Black women porn lesbian. I hit my stride, it was basically… I think it was back then, it was like, was it called Kazaam? All these machines are just mislabeled. Julian smith naked. It's like when you have your heels elevated, you can actually create more depth, so that person is now stimulating more, they're getting a longer range of motion, so you can dog somebody for having poor ankle mobility, but with that board under them, they're squating lower than you.

And last time you and I talked, we talked about how you don't really take credit for having invented any of this. You're like Space Jam. I'll tell everybody that I think once you learn what your general macros are, and you have a concept of flexible dieting, you can live a much better lifestyle and enjoy bodybuilding much more, because when I got down with that first show, I thought I wasn't going to do it anymore.

Was that because you're doing these kind of different movements in the machine that wasn't necessarily designed for that? You can't beat the basics. If I want to get tighter, it's easier. I've heard of- Nick: Flip open that phone?

It's like yeah you think about the lowering. I'm pretty sure it's like s. Girlfriend having orgasm. Look at like hoist machines nowadays. I was at the Jack Johnson concert in Bend just over the weekend, got home and flew here. Okay, now we're doing the negative. I was doing construction work at the time, and my feet were so swollen, I couldn't even lace up my work boots.

The whole inside of my arm was full of blood and it was internal bleeding, so they had to snip the sides of the vein and reattach it. Julian Smith] I'll never get naked in your shower I promise I'll always wear my clothes I only get naked in my shower; behind closed doors But I'll never get naked in yours [Johnny Kocourek] It's getting kinda' steamy in here [Julian Smith] Well you can take your shirt off if you want [Johnny Kocourek] I am not taking my shirt off- [Julian Smith] Never get naked in your shower Good job that was a test I promise I'll always wear me clothes I only get naked in my shower; behind closed doors But I'll never get naked in yours.

Dude man, like just tell me. Much better life now. Why would you do that? I always tell people the strongest I've ever been was when I was 19 or But you're thinking an eccentric deadlift instead.

All right, so you've done some weird exercises in the gym and specifically I'm thinking of that kind of goofy frog leg, it's like you're underneath the Smith Machine doing the vertical press, and last time- Julian Smith:

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His history as a bodybuilder, and as a student of bodybuilding How equipment availability drove him to innovate How pounds looks and feels different 12 years apart How Tom Platz inspired him, and what he learned from the Golden Eagle.

Not at all gyms. Shruti nude pics. You're not even gonna try, like you need to scrap that because what's really cool about every single person is, you will never look like me, I'm never gonna look like you, we're all never gonna look like each other. No, he's The Quad Guy. I'll do like 30 second contractions like standing up and squeezing a quad as hard as I can, just locking it up and that's what gives you those cross striations.

So you just gently set it down. Julian smith naked. If I don't have a good mind-muscle connection to my chest and I have to do a four-second negative to contract the weight up and feel it contract, that's what I'm gonna do. Like the actual thing will move to make you do it correctly. Why am I not feeling it? I like that, yeah. Bench pressing if you don't feel your chest contracting but your front delts or your triceps are burning, you don't have a good mind-muscle connection.

I always tell people the strongest I've ever been was when I was 19 or How long has history been informing what you do? I'd sit there and eat out of a Tupperware, while my parents would cook awesome meals for the family and I would skip it, because I thought that you couldn't do it.

I gotta be the best of the best of the best". When I squat or bench, or whatever I do, I break it down. Lesbian seduction porn. A lot of people are like "I gotta have everything. It doesn't mean it doesn't work. You could have similarities, but your physique is … no one will ever look like you.

They were based on the bodybuilding status quo of how to prep as well. Okay, I like that. When it comes to nutrition, it's pretty cut and dried. Good Job, that was a test. Old lesbian porn movies. I love that it's not about lifting the heaviest weight possible. Tell me a little bit more about how you kind of developed this very distinctive style that you have, because you do.

Or just like I'm stable where I'm at. I think people think to themselves "I can't even go out".

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It's literally the whole … concept everywhere. Beautiful milf movies. You're nice and tight, your core, everything, your spine's aligned, your shoulders are retracted back. I think there's always like the trial and error. Then you would go into four sets of 20 reps for a cable fly. I feel like I got maybe a little bit of the ADD going on.

You're not even gonna try, like you need to scrap that because what's really cool about every single person is, you will never look like me, I'm never gonna look like you, we're all never gonna look like each other. It's an insane sport, but it feels like what you did is rather than getting swept up in that current that everyone else was in, you kind of did those few shows, took a step back and said "How do I want to approach this a different way".

It just became very apparent that I'd look at old school ways to do it because it just clicked to me through all the research that I did, the old school guys didn't have half the stuff that's available now. What's funny is for a long time I was kind of thinking that Portland was gonna be like the big Venice Beach, California.

And I like that because it feels like people want to go with "Well, how much weight can I lift? In the back of my mind I'm thinking, I'm gonna be able to track my food pretty good and no one's gonna know that I'm dieting. Classy english milf Julian smith naked. Like everything has its use.

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