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Cat never compromised her ridiculously high standards or her "morals", for lack of a better word, and I guess that is what ultimately gave her top marks on being "real" and "bad".

Loose cannons and people who act extra are not necessarily my favorite type of people to appear on this show, but Valentina just fell on the right side of the line. Big asian tits and pussy. Like, how is Char an 8 on the Bad-o-Meter? Other than that, I agree with most of these. Hanna Thompson 42 I like that she atleast attempted to stick up for herself, though, even if it didn't quite work out in her favor.

Nude tattoo girls with big tits. Elease donovan naked. Shy asian girl lesbian. Are you for real? Cum eating gay male hairy senior videos T 7 min Porn Free gay teen twink movies Riley is a bi. Dirty girls with tattoos. Amy ranks especially high on being "real" because if there's one thing I'm a sucker for on this show, it's someone who I can track and develop as a character. Unfortunately, she lands a lot lower than I anticipated for reasons which I am not quite sure of. Megan fox having lesbian sex. Regardless of the niggly things that often irritated me about Paula, she was a great character.

Unfortunately, despite my love for Hanna as a S2 girl and as a member of what really can only be described as one of the best cliques of all-time, the lack of any proper edit for Hanna combined with the fact that there are too many hilarious girls to compete with means that she couldn't possibly rank any higher than She had some fake moments just like almost every bad girl but she was still amazing in me eyes.

Nerdy girls with hairy beavers. Amy Cieslowski 51 Memorability and relevance where she got most of her points from don't necessarily have everything to do with what type of person they are.

Ftv girls spread pussies Fucking indian girl sex Fedor shmidt girls. However, she had her fair share of comedy moments and was one of the more tolerable girls to appear on her season, thus landing her at 39 on this ranking. I will always stand by the fact that Sarah did worsen situations for herself - whether deliberately or not - with some of the things she said.

Erica Langston 18 Girls with legs spread apart. Naked tattoo girls asses. She was great entertainment, and that's the only thing that matters. I mean YES, she was the right-hand woman to the right-hand woman of the main star, but is that such a bad thing? Waking up naked on the sofa and being soaked in her own urine. Nikki was the recurring antagonist to Char's protagonist.

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However, I often found myself becoming irritated when Paula tried to become the voice of reason and put the other girls in check.

People like Milyn try, and fail. I knew I was going to like Ashley from the get-go. Oops nude videos. Not to mention, Julie had power and made big moves the entire time. Gigi gets some of the most screentime this season and has her own storylines. However, while I totally get the appeal for her as a Bad Girl, I feel like she could've delivered a lot more and ultimately fell kind of flat on the likability front when she aligned with the wrong people. Char also the OCD in me tells you to add a tenth "value" to make it out ofnot 90!

As much as I hated Char she def deserves to be in the top thirty. She went against five other girls who despised Natalie for how she had acted, which also shows that she stuck to her own guns and, despite what some people say, wasn't always a follower. So I can totally understand her placement. Asian uncensored shaved japanese girl pussy.

However, if that is true then she pulled it off spectacularly. Elease donovan naked. Local girl sexy photo. She had a nice balance going between being great TV while also proving her moral awareness and "sweeter" side, which is the reason why I'm sure a lot of BGC fans enjoy and respect Amy.

She never really said anything to evoke any strong feelings from me besides the occasional laugh or, on the same token, the occasional "ugh", nor did she act in a way which makes me see her in a bad light. She also had no filter, which was great for the viewing. In some respects, Cordelia was the star of the show.

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The fact that she wasn't even a little bit cautious about the words that came out of her mouth leads me to believe that there was some sort of conscious agenda going on with Sarah to deliberately turn people against her so that she could be the fan favorite. Tattooed punk girl nude. She actually came across as sneaky IMO. Tattooed girl pussy tattoo. She was one of the only people to stand up to Char in a season that would've otherwise been the worst season of all time.

Attack black years one thousand fingertips rar, Auntysollu telugu sex storys, Black dick pussy fucking. However, one of things that made me learn to appreciate Rima was that she said on several occasions how being a bad girl isn't about being the strongest physically, but the strongest mentally and emotionally. Sexy blonde escorts. Natasha Smoot 11 Evidently, had Gia not been so damn lulzy, the chances of her even penetrating the Top 60 would be slim at best.

Nude girls with chest tattoos. She often made a point of saying several times that she has no problem snatching someone up, and even goes as far to say that she has "no problem committing a murder". The main thing that won me over with Ashley was how, unlike many of the girls on her season, she never wanted to or claimed to run the house at any point.

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