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What does a girls ass smell like

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Serious question about sexual fetish I have that I am embarassed to share with my girl friend?

Who have I pissed off lately? She pulled down her sweats and thong and spread that butt open. Lesbians sucking large clits. There was this one time when I was Join Date Jul Location Cananda ehh!

Page generated in 0. My ex had a big butt, like big, so she sweat alot down there and when I told her I enjoyed smelling her unshowered butt she was weirded out.

I catch a whiff of it, and it just smells like chemicals. I need to inhale your anal fumes But why should we care what those others think of it? That's nasty, and not what I'm after. What does a girls ass smell like. It smells really bad in here! Find More Posts by Tyrone Biggums.

Let it be sweaty and dirty. I had never let anyone near the exit before I mean come on…not manly. Usually, I just smell vagina when I'm in Even if you take the cleanest shower you can thing of, the epithelial tissue of your ball sac becomes sticky after you shower. White, black, Spanish, asian, etc. Julia roberts naked fakes. The only place I have nicked a vein is the quads but it is possible anywhere. Pillars of Eternity 2: She gets all sweaty and sticky just for my pleasure.

All the same, make sure she is clean. We all know women's asses smell amazing. I sniff her all the time, but my own doesn't do a lot for me sexually. Fap material is not allowed. And "right", in this context, is identified by whether I like the way she smells. My girlfriend knows I love the scent of her butt.

Ive always had a brown spot under my left breast, is it a third nipple? I like girls Who have two nice furrows of hair on either side of the anus to tickle your nose as you lick and suckle it. Definitely normal, but I would call it a specialty fetish. She sucked my dick and swallowed my nut and I ate her butt and made her cream. It's a earthy, musky aroma and has sharp tangy taste that it drives me crazy and makes me want to spread his cheeks apart and bury my face in his ass and crotch.

I love the smell of butt, not the crap smell, but the funky smell.

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I'm married but I suck cock whenever I can. Let it be sweaty and dirty. Belize nude women. Actually I heard of a butt can smell like either. When I shower, I use a straight bar of soap on my butthole. I tried to keep going but it was like trying to fuck with a limp pool noodle.

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Ilovewhitegirlz69Jun 19, Come enjoy this stinky butthole". I'm making out with this girl and I decide that I want to give her one. Omg yes omg yes omg yes.

I also snuck in her room one time and found one of her used panties and smelled them. A girl's bottom should smell spicy and a bit sweaty if clean. If you want your girl to feel a nice soft pair of balls, then use baby powered on those nuts. What does a girls ass smell like. Poonam nude pics. Memories coming back due to this thread. Your boyfriend is a chump. I love the smell of a girls butthole. Ive always had a brown spot under my left breast, is it a third nipple? Last edited by Wormz1Jun 19, I could remember it like yesterday, I met this 16 year old girl at the mall, and we ended up eating out together.

Then she pokes her beautiful bottom out and tells me to undress her so I can enjoy. Close Search Search for: Send a private message to T.

Posted By gangen 6 replies Today, I was in the mood for doggy, so I flipped her over and started going for it with her at the edge of the bed and me standing on the floor. The kids had already gone to the back of the van and were just doing up their seat belts.

Feb 10, Messages: You need to shower beforehand. Keep that other shit away. Youtube hot nude videos. It stinks, but it's the best way to remove hair. I love the smell and the taste. I have some war stories, but I'm putting them in my next book:

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Other than that, the butthole when properly maintained does not have shit on it or in it. Tall sexy women nude. Help us keep this site organized and clean. Hair melting chemicals are not designed for those areas so that's some bad advice. I can slide my fingers down my girls asscrack and just get lost in the beautiful odor for hours.

It's natural for men to be attracted to that amazing smell. Lesbian feet sleeping What does a girls ass smell like. Send a private message to Virgil Caine. Later, we went to her van She was driving her mother's van illegally she said she wanted to try something. CoocooforDaCowboysJul 3, What can I say, I enjoy it. Give it a try. My suggestion is to go to the bathroom, before the deed, wet a piece of toilet paper, clean yourself up and dry yourself off. Pictures of young girls asses. I guess I haven't had as terrible luck as some of you guys had.

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