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Groovy Inspired Living Room

Groovy Inspired Living Room

Japanese interior decor make some inspired living room. They create set of beautiful and groovy living room that can give pleasure view. These living room design has a beachy and nautical look in very inspired idea. Here you can find many different living room idea. Many living rooms here are modern and attractive which make you can stand here for many hour. These living room also amaze your guests because of its design and modern furniture.

Commonly people take the creamy, white or black tone color for the entire living room. Here you will also see the creamy one living room. This living room looks so calm and quiet. The white streamlined shelves works well to storage the book or artwork. The living room has minimally furniture which draws more attention to adjacebnt the balcony.

The another common color is black. Here you can find the great design in black or dark color. black solid hardwood flooring and some ceiling is stunning idea for the wide open plan living room. This living room has simple design with white as the wall color. the living dining room comes in modern from the stylish black sofa and white dining table. The natural glass window gives natural light in day time.

white streamlined shelves

Another black idea is the Japanese-style living room. This living room offers low furniture but still has great and stunning style. The special charateristic of this attractive living room is the ceiling. Japanese-style has metall wall art ceiling. The bonsai tree become another spesific accessories for completing the room idea.

The combination color can be a good idea for living room. The combination between white and red comes with the modern vibe, angled high ceiling and recessed ceiling. The solid hardwood flooring and the red chaise longue create a great combination for white wall.

Another cool color combination is white and blue color. This is a nautical beachy living room. You can feel fresh and calm when enjoy this living room. The blue-white striped rug, white cozy armed sofa, and the beachy wall artis is perfect combination.

solid hardwood flooring